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As opposed to wood-burning or gas fireplaces, there are no fumes, no CO2, no smoke, no emissions, no pollutants of any kind.

For more information, please contact ClassicFlame at www.classicflame.com or 866-661-1218. 
A fireplace is a romantic luxury that brings an amber glow to any room on a chilly winter night. The allure of a fireplace is undeniable, but unfortunately so is the environmental footprint that conventional wood-burning and gas fireplaces leave on our earth. Some U.S. cities have even gone so far as to outlaw wood-burning fireplaces due to the large amounts of Carbon Monoxide and other pollutants they give off into our atmosphere. The electric fireplace is the simple solution. Electric fireplaces give off no emissions, burn no fossil fuels, and are 100% energy efficient. The energy used to power the fireplace can be completely converted into heat; lowering heating costs and wasted energy to heat empty home areas.

Electric Fireplace Advantages: Electric fireplaces have many other advantages over traditional fireplaces including:

Quick and easy installation – electric fireplaces do not require venting, gas lines or professional installation. A true “no-brainer”, simply plug into any standard outlet. The remote control adjusts the heat and flame effect.

Energy efficient & Low Operating Costs - natural gas fireplaces are expensive to burn while electric fireplaces operate for only pennies; 10¢ per hour with heat, without heat only 3¢ an hour.

Optional Heat – electric fireplaces can be operated with or without heat for any climate or season.

No Emissions – electric fireplaces have zero emissions and can be used on “no burn days” or in areas where wood burning is outlawed.

Flexibility & Mobility: - electric fireplaces fit in any room in any home, and can easily be moved from room to room! Many models support TVs under 100 lbs., doubling as the modern centerpiece for every lifestyle.

100% Safe & No Maintenance: Unlike gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces have no standing pilot light and the glass stays cool to the touch.

Top Quality: Both Salesmen and consumers can be easily taught to recognize quality furniture pieces. As a general rule, solid wood moldings vs. hollow or veneer moldings, hinge quality, smooth door glides and strong handles all make a big difference in the durability of a piece. Furniture lifespan is directly related to the veneer grade, whether it is constructed using MDF or flake board – even the density and thickness of MDF used. Even heavy packaging is a factor, resulting in fewer returns and repairs. And of course, easy to follow instructions are essential.

Fireplaces are no exception. Below are just a few high quality standards that differentiate leading fireplace manufacturers like Twin-Star International, Inc., parent company to ClassicFlame:

Metal on Metal connections through Solid Hardwood Blocks: The best connections are made with metal to metal joints that are secured through solid hardwood blocks. The result is solid corners, secure joints and minimal movement, unlike when using plastic, solid softwoods, MDF or particle board. ClassicFlame only uses metal to metal connections.

Hand-selected Hardwood Veneers: Hand selections ensure that the veneers have a consistent grain pattern and no defects like wormholes or knots; all leading to a quality finish. Unlike softwoods, hardwoods are not easily dented and marred.

Quality Finishes: Multi-step, hand-rubbed finishes with sealer coats for extra protection are much more durable than a sprayed-on finish.

Safety & Environmental-Friendly Features: No standing pilot lights and advanced design provide stay-cool fronts that also shield small hands from the heating coils.

As opposed to wood-burning or gas fireplaces, there are no fumes, no CO2, no smoke, no emissions, no pollutants of any kind.

With more than 10 years in the furniture manufacturing industry, Twinstar International, the parent company of ClassicFlame, is differentiating itself in the electric fireplace arena with the highest quality standards in the industry. These translate into a product that once together, is always together. ClassicFlame takes pride in quality workmanship with products constructed from the highest quality hardwood solids and hand selected hardwood veneers. Thorough testing procedures such as: 100% incoming inspection of motors and thermal controls, testing for wood moisture, in-line inspections, and finished goods inspections ensure the highest quality product, increasing your customer satisfaction, reducing your return rate and increasing the life of the product. All products – regardless of design or price point are held to the same rigorous standards.

ClassicFlame’s commitment to the highest quality standards, strength in construction, attention to design, proportions and trends in home decor keeps your customers satisfied while allowing you to rent and re-rent confidently and protect your bottom line.

For more information, please contact ClassicFlame at

www.classicflame.com or 866-661-1218.


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